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Time:10:39 am
OK, I haven't been this nervous since the first time I posted something on this community a few years ago. Maybe some of you can remember that...hehe LoL. I think I've improved since then...

ANYWAY, the reason WHY Im nervous is because Im posting the first 5 pages of my very first Doujinshi..you know that thing I've been talking about...yea. Now I've done a Graphic Novel before for my English teacher. But I never posted that on the internet..

The Doujin is called 'To the Core'

The Plot: He lives like he's just moved in, with boxes all around and a bath sitting randomly in the middle of the living room...But the thing that scares them the most. Is the tenant. Kohana Estate Agency excepts anyone with money who wants to rent a house, no matter their age, gender or race, no questions asked...And for good reason.

Beware of my bad grammar....

OK ok, just bare with meCollapse )
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Subject:HELLO from japan!
Time:10:14 pm
Current Mood:exhaustedexhausted
Hello everyone!!

omgosh missing you all heaps! ok i dont know when ill be able to use the internet again so ill try say everything now. But im really missing you all sooo much and a part of me can not wait to go home. But my host family is really nice and they make me feel very much at home, in fact they are right over my shoulder, trying to read this, whether or not they can understand it is another mater, but because they have said nothing im asuming they cant. The first night here was aweful because i was home sick, but after a few days i felt ok. OMG i miss you all so much!!!!

Japan is very hot.

Today we went to Space World and to them it is like Adventure World to us, quite small and something that no one goes to. But omg it is HUGE!! its like omg. Haha, it was funny cause we went into this haunted house thing and the whole lot of us met up inside because some of the others were to scared to go on, and so we all linked arms and went through in this giant line of white (we were wearing our white tshirts) And we were screaming at every turn it was soo scary. And at one turn there was this sercurity guard on stand by and we all screamed at her because we thought she was part of the ride (we were on foot walking around trying to find out way out.) And then the poor women had the nerve to try and break us up. hehe we were all still screaming at her because we still hadnt workded out she was a person.

All in all im having alot of fun. Tomorrow the family is taking me to a shrine!! Im really looking forward to it!!

The speaking factor is really funny cause we are both speaking rather broken. Im speaking in broken japanese and my sister (Natsumi) mostly speaks in broken english. But we seem to understand each other by using what we know from the others language and much acting ( the mother although very sweet speaks no english). The brother who is the same age as me also speaks no english, but he is often out doing sports or what ever it is he does to entertain himself. Ive only seen him twice and the father i believe is coming home on saturday, havent seen him as of yet.

The only problem with this family is that they have these two dogs that keeping barking and making alot of noise when ever i do ANYTHING.

But yes so far its been fine, but im still missing you all so much!!

Like I said before a part of me really wishes i was at home. But im starting to make friends with every one and even though my japanese hasnt much improved im becoming more confident than before. And yes i am learning lots, and the japanese students seem all to eager to try and speak english with us. (Haha i found a kindred spirit who loves anime, i had to ask her to slow down or wait several times as she began speaking too fast in our broken language that we seem to have created).

Im missing you, seriously.
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Subject:You .. you are what you made yourself. I am what people made me
Time:11:36 pm
Hey, hows it all going.

Our wirless internet is working again now, but it keeps bracking up. Which is sad.

Im Tired. I can't wait for the weekend to start and then end, I don't know what I want.

All i know that one goal completed....I hugged Mr Haddrel, He deserved it. Great man. Go HADDY!

those moments that are almost justifiedCollapse )
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Subject:then they move in, slowly at first, smiling too sweetly.
Time:04:06 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
hey there! so, we've finally finished the first week of school. And yet we've already got dramas.... oh well, i guess its to be expected, but now we can slowly get back into the rythmn of things, that hopefully wont take to long, I get along with a good portion of my new teachers and my new form teacher is awesomness. I have to say it could have been a lot worse and the transition wasn't too bad. Anyway...how was yours?

p.s my internets being stingy waaaa!!! T.T
Yay we've finished the first week~Picture!! <a href=Collapse )
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Time:04:48 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
Hey there everyone! I live!!

YAY! it tis my birthday today! and this is my birthday present to myself!!
And to all my friends who came to my bday thank you for ma presents and I hope you had fun ^^

tis a good day today!Collapse )
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Time:12:01 am
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Subject:Rather feel pain than nothing at all
Time:09:22 pm
Current Mood:pleasedpleased

This is my origonal character: Amarante

I came up with this character a few months ago and slowly in my heads its been developing. Its actually an interesting story. In my head that is, but Im afraid if I explain it, it wont sound as interesting.

But oh well here goes! (you don't have to read this! Its full of bad grammar and spelling erros!)

Amarante Means "the flower that never fades" Fitting for my character who has three persona's and a deep fear of herself and other people.

The fan in her hand is something she carries everywhere. And the people in her mind carry them too. The people in her mind are actually different sides of her. Well really she splits herself up into three people in her mind:

Anger, Gentle and Apathy.

Anger uses the fan to beat gentle into submission while apathy keeps anger in check and maintains control of the body most of the time.

As her life progresses and she falls deeper into her mind she starts to refer to herself as "we" and "us" rather than me or I.

She is afraid of people because she was often bullied as a child, this was how gentle was born. Gentle is Kind hearted and sweet. But she is also very cowardly and prone to crying alot. Though Gentle does not control the body as much as she'd like as Anger often beats down her idea's. Literally. I don't know if you've tried this, but fans hurt!

Anger was born out of her hate for people and Insecurities. Anger doesn't believe that "they" are loved and that if "they" are to survive they must hate the world forever and cause pain to those who have made "them" feel pain.

Apathy was born out of what they learned at school really. She is more subdued than the others, but she doesn't state her actions or her thoughts. Rather she just acts upon them and carries them out herself.

well anyway thats the basic plot. It all going down well until, she meets a boy who is willing to be there for her. Because no one else will. He saves her and pulls her back into one. The whole point is. You don't need every body, you just need some one to notice you.
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Subject:She found herself restless, wandering dark halls, startling her own reflection in mirrors
Time:09:04 pm
Current Mood:hothot
So, did every one have a nice christmas. Mine was average. In fact at the moment I'm in a pretty foul mood.Probably because its really hot. I got everything I could want for christmas dont get me wrong. But I have learnt a few things.

1. I told mother I would like a nice necklace, but I wanted it as a surprise, so to give her a helping hand I pointed out a few I liked. Then I went off so she could choose. Just to let you know...I hate pearls. Guess what she got me....She got me a mother of pearl necklace and mother of pearl earings in the shape of really big butterflies...I felt terriable. I of cause told her I loved them. I don't think she believed me.... I felt really bad T_T AND dad bought me more pearl earings!!!!

2. Never go in a doughnut -(you know those round things you float in and get zoomed around in on those water bikes) when the waves a crashing down. because believe it or not you can bruise your ear and get wiplash and graze your knee by doing so...

Other than that I had a ball! And omg I bet you think Im really spoilt little brat now don't you...Oh well...probably am. Im in a really foul mood, so yea. Sorry you have to see that side of me...
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Subject:Merry Xmas!
Time:10:24 am
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Subject:do not read
Time:09:05 pm
Do not read.Collapse )
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